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holistic health

The first consultation is in-depth and will last around 60-90 minutes. This evaluation can also be used by asymptomatic clients as a general check-up, to determine their typologies, or for basic dietary recommendations.

During this first interview, I will review any present symptoms as well as your medical history and will inquire into your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, nutritional and social wellbeing to create a coherent image of your condition. Details which may seem unrelated to your primary complaints may offer a missing piece which will allow for an accurate assessment of your overall health.

Some of the types of information which might offer insight into your holistic diagnostic are psychological issues, particularly strong emotions, seemingly unimportant habits and characteristics and possibly even dreams. The more information you are willing to share with me the easier it makes getting a clear picture of your present state of health.

This in-detail interview is part of the treatment itself. It will encourage self-analysis, self-expression and allow for a reflection in the eyes of a nonjudgmental professional. Whether treating depression, phobias, psychiatric and emotional disorders or promoting self-awareness and boosting self-esteem, this helps one understand and resolve thoughts and feelings by talking about them in an unhurried, unbiased and realistic way.

Any prior diagnoses or medical treatments are part of a holistic consultation, please come prepared to share such information. This includes natural remedies, supplements, homeopathic remedies, Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs or recent immunizations. If you have prescriptions or written records please bring them along.

Our recommendations are personal and need-based rather than general or holding to the framework of one rigid system, the individual treatment program will combine the most relevant therapies available. They will be adapted, altered and changed according to the evolution of the condition of health during the treatment.

In the case of a long chronic condition, you can expect a longer interview and even an in-depth analysis which requires 1-2 days and some additional questions afterwards.


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60 min


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What People Say

"I had seen you about two months ago and was in a dark and sad place within my heart. I did the detox as you suggested and I have had such a fantastic journey since then. I have continued to do yoga therapy and feel better than I have ever felt in my life:) Thank you for the extra push to change my life, for the suggestions and hope to hear from you soon. Namaste, JW'
"I have good success with curing my body by your medical advice. I take the medicine and exercise the Yoga positions. The first time since 30 years I gain bodyweight and feel increasing body power. Thank you and best regards from spring in Germany, yours B"
"I have come to see you as a patient, regarding a few issues, and one of them being a breast cancer. You probably might not remember me. I had my breast rereconstructive surgery last week. I was absolutely in shock how fit I became for the surgery, with my heart rate being 46-47 most of the time. I have been exercise quite a lot prevously, but not with such big physiological changes as after yoga. I must say that I use yoga as self-rehabilitation therapy, and I had a full movement of my right arm despite having still stitches and dressing on. I feel really so positive and amazing. Thank you for all your advise and good wishes. Best wishes, K."
"Thank you for treating me with emergency homeopathy when I was dealing with high fever for 10 days. You asked me to write you after 4 days. It'd been about a week now, and I have fully recovered, and it seems my 10 years of diarrhoea has gone into remission. Warmly, C"

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